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Trying to reach an agreement over what is in the best interests of children of the family can be one of the most difficult and emotional tasks when dealing with separation. It is best for everyone if an agreement can be reached without any court intervention however we know this is not always possible. If no agreement can be reached as to where the children should live and the amount of contact they should have with the parent they don’t live with then the Court are able to make decisions. The main consideration of the court at all times is that the interests of the children are paramount. The parents do not have rights, but responsibilities. The Court process can be lengthy, difficult and emotional.

We can also advise on issues such as:

  • Where the children should go to school
  • Whether one parent can relocate to another place in the UK or out of the Jurisdiction
  • Religion
  • Education
  • We also offer advice and assistance if one parent does not return the children to the primary carer after contact.

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Legal Aid is available for some family cases and is both means (income) and merits tested. Please attend one of our drop in clinics or make an appointment for a free 15 mins appointment to discuss eligibility.


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