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Our Mission

We believe passionately in representing those who are vulnerable. Our empathy and the extensive efforts we make on behalf of clients makes us the best solicitor in Leeds to care for your needs.

The protection and help of individual clients will always be at the heart of what we do. We are dedicated to excellent legal representation and quality customer service, keeping clients informed of what happening in their case every step of the way and maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity.

As members of Resolution, we will always endeavour to seek amicable settlements in family law cases wherever possible that puts the child or children first whilst also considering what is in the best interests of the wider family.

Our team of lawyers have a range of different experiences and we will always endeavour to match you with the best professional for your needs. Our work is timely and accurate and you will always be assured of the best possible representation in court by solicitors who really do care.

Crockett Solicitors

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