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Domestic Violence

At Crockett & Co Solicitors we recognise that Domestic Violence comes in many different forms including verbal, sexual, financial, physical and psychological, and can also take place between various different family members.

We know that if someone makes the difficult decision to speak out about an abusive, threatening or harassing relationship action needs to be taken quickly. We pride ourselves on being able to meet with a client the same day and if necessary seek emergency Court action, either the same day or the next working day.

We will where appropriate advise that if you are suffering domestic violence you should always contact the police and notify them of the situation. This will in most cases prove useful when attending Court.

There are two types of orders that you can apply for:

  • Non-Molestation Order (also commonly referred to as an Injunction)
  • Occupation Order

A Non-Molestation Order prevents a spouse, ex-spouse or family member from using or threatening violence against you. This order can be obtained with or without the other side having notice of your Court application. If an order is granted this usually lasts for 6 or 12 months and breach of any such order is a criminal offence.

An Occupation Order is a court Order which states who can live in a family home or go within its surrounding area. These orders are often made along side a Non-Molestation Order.

We understand that obtaining a Court Order may be the first step in re-building your life. We therefore feel it is important to assist you in finding support from other relevant organisations. Additional forms of assistance that can be of immense importance include:

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