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Day In the Life: Emily Pimblett

Emily Pimblett

I am Emily Pimblett, a Trainee Solicitor at Crockett & Co. I began my training contract earlier this year and will qualify as a Solicitor in February 2025. I completed by LLB, Masters and LPC at Leeds Beckett University in June 2022 and started working at the firm soon after as a paralegal. During my time at the firm I have gained experience in all areas of family law, from divorce to domestic violence injunctions, to private and public children proceedings.

7:30am – I wake up and get ready for the day.

8:45am – I arrive at the office and make myself a coffee. I will check my inbox to see if any emails have come through since logging off the day before. I will make a list of anything that needs actioning so that I am ready to start working.

9:00am – We have an ongoing care proceedings case where the client is seeking to be assessed by an independent social worker. Our principal asked me to prepare a Part 25 Application which involves drafting a number of documents to file with Court. I draft the documents required and check them against our precedents to ensure that I have included the relevant statute and case law. I then send this to our principal to check over before filing the documents with Court.

11:00am – I have a meeting with a client to prepare a statement. The client’s ex-partner is seeking contact with their children however our client has raised significant allegations of domestic abuse. The Court will need to list a Finding of Fact hearing to determine the truth of the allegations. This will in turn assist Cafcass in making their recommendations for what contact the ex-partner should have with the children. The client and I talk through the allegations they have made and draft up a statement together. The client provides me with photographs and videos to exhibit to the statement as evidence. The client and I check everything over to make sure they are happy. The client signs the statement  so I can file it with Court.

12:30pm – I take my lunch break and head out of the office with colleagues to get some food and fresh air.

1:30pm – I head to Court for a hearing. My client has applied for a Non-Molestation Order against their ex-partner and today is the return hearing. I grab myself and my client a coffee and meet them outside of Court. Due to the nature of the case, special measures are in placeso pre-hearing discussions take place in a private waiting area. I am informed that the Respondent has arrived at Court so introduce myself to them and ensure that they understand the application which my client has made. I am confident that the Respondent understands the proceedings and they inform me that they are happy for the order to remain in place on a no admissions basis. Soon after we are called in to the hearing. I inform the Judge of the partiespositions and the Judge confirms that they are happy with the agreed position. I am asked to draft the order.

3:00pm – I arrive back at the office and draft the order from the hearing. I have a quick catch up with our principal about how the hearing went.

4:00pm – I join a teams meeting with the other fee earners. This is our opportunity to discuss any upcoming hearings we have or any new files that we have opened. Fee earners meetings are a good chance to discuss any issues that have arisen and raise anything that is coming up that I might need support with.

4:30pm – I join an advocates meeting for a hearing that is listed tomorrow morning. This is a chance for the advocates to update each other on their clients positions and to agree as much as possible ahead of the hearing.

5:00pm – I catch up on emails and make a to do list ready for tomorrow.

5:30pm – I log off and head home.

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