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Asad’s Story – a Crockett & Co. Case Study

I, Asad Ali Hassan, live in Leeds. A problem occurred to my family and as a result, my children have been taken by the government. Because of this incident, I went to a lawyer who has helped me in my case with all her efforts. After a year, with the help of Allah and my lawyer, I finally succeeded in my case and my children were returned to me. 

This lawyer has helped many Somalis as well as other foreigners who live in West Yorkshire. Besides that, this lawyer also helped another family whose children were taken by the government and the family finally got their children. This lawyer’s name is Helen Crockett.

Here is my story:

One day, the mother of my children (a boy and a girl) abandoned one of our children in a place while she was in the city centre without any adult supervising her. This incident occurred without my presence or knowledge. She took the little boy with her and left the little girl alone. As she came back after a while, she saw the little girl being held by a police officer. She told the police that her little girl was abducted by a man. When the police asked her what was the description of the man who abducted your little girl? She changed her story and said, ‘’ I am lying.’’ After that, things got serious, the children were taken by social services and the matter got worse. The police contacted me to let me know what had happened.

Hearing that, I had to get a lawyer and the lawyer was Helen Crockett who had helped me with all her heart without reservation. Helen was working day and night and many times she was facing great difficulties from the social services but she did not give up and all she had in her mind was how she could ever get my children back to me. Now, thanks to God and thanks to Helen that my children and myself are together and I am at peace now.

However, the mother who abandoned the children and caused all the problem I underwent says that the kids should be given back to her and not to the father. The staff at school, the carer and the social services all agree that the father should be the sole carer of the kids and not the mother. They have lost trust in the mother who once endangered the kids’ wellbeing and safety. Because of these reasons, the court has decided that the kids be given to the father and thanks to God the kids were returned to me.

Now the mother of the children has been in Norway for the past 8 months. The children now go to school. I take them and get them back from the school. I care for my children all the time. I cook for them and wash their clothes as needed. I take them out when conditions are right, we play together. I feel happy we are together day and night.

Truly speaking, what I have gone through I have never seen or heard of it throughout my life, however, as long as you live longer in this world, you will see all kinds of things.

My case lasted for a year and my lawyer, Helen, was helping me continuously day and night to see how I was doing while at the same time giving me the best help and advice. She frequently asked me how things were going and whether I had new information. Helen was informing me ahead of time when we had a court hearing and she was also telling me sometimes to leave the court and see my children when necessary then she was relaying or telling me what had happened after I left the court and how it ended.

I am very grateful to Helen as to how much help she has given me. I cannot say in writing how much Helen has helped me and what she has done for me. Whenever I look at my children, I remember how much Helen has helped me and I will never forget that. Thank you and my heart goes to you Helen Crockett.


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