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Crockett News - Divorce

Divorce- Ending the ‘Blame Game’


Justice Secretary David Gauke announced 8th April 2019 that the law will be changed to allow couples to divorce on the grounds that the marriage has broken down without having to make accusations of wrongdoing by one party. At present the law is very black and white, leading to a position where, unless there has been a period of separation of at least two years, one party is at blame and the other party is the victim.

However, this black and white approach isn’t representative of current social norms and doesn’t allow protection for couples who simply fall out of love with each other and no longer wish to be married.

Currently, ‘no-fault’ applications account for a large proportion of divorce petitions each year. However, the law only allows for no-fault divorces to be brought after two years of separation, if both parties agree, or five years of separation, if one party contests the divorce.



Crockett News - Legal Aid

Legal Aid – the ‘ins and out’


In the past, Legal Aid was available for all types of family law matters but this changed in 2013, when new rules were introduced. Legal aid is available in family law matters involving Domestic Abuse, Cases with Social Service involvement, Forced Marriage Protection Orders and Cases involving Child Abduction.

Usually, cases relating to Divorce and Finances, as well as Child Arrangements do not qualify for legal aid. If, however, you have evidence of domestic abuse, or child protection, it is still possible to get Legal Aid in these categories. The Legal Aid Agency species the types of evidence they will accept.



Crockett News - Non Accidental Injury

Non Accidental Injury


Anyone with children will know that they can acquire a multitude of cuts, bruises and other injuries very easily through play, rough and tumble. The idea of being accused of harming your child is a nightmare scenario for parents, but for some it can become a painful reality if their child has cuts, bruises or other physical injuries that cannot be explained. In these cases, parents can be accused of inflicting non-accidental injuries.



Crockett News - Abuse



Are you suffering like Yasmeen from Coronation Street? What can be done about coercive and controlling behaviour?

Viewers of Coronation Street have been shocked at the abuse that Yasmeen has been suffering from Geoff. This is an example of coercive and controlling behaviour, one type of domestic abuse that is increasingly being recognised.



Crockett News - Unrepresented Parents

Unrepresented Parents – are they treated differently?


Just last week it was reported that government data revealed that 23,881 parents who applied for child arrangements orders in 2017 had no legal representation, up 134% since 2011. This can be associated with the legal aid cuts of 2013, making litigants in person an everyday occurrence, especially in family law. The courts hearing these cases try their best to accommodate and make allowances for litigants in person, but with the demand of justice and fairness in the courts, they are not given preferential treatment.



Crockett News - Asad's Story

Asad's Story


I, Asad Ali Hassan, live in Leeds. A problem occurred to my family and as a result, my children have been taken by the government. Because of this incident, I went to a lawyer who has helped me in my case with all her efforts. After a year, with the help of Allah and my lawyer, I finally succeeded in my case and my children were returned to me. This lawyer has helped many Somalis as well as other foreigners who live in West Yorkshire. Besides that, this lawyer also helped another family whose children were taken by the government and the family finally got their children. This lawyer’s name is Helen Crockett.

Hearing that, I had to get a lawyer and the lawyer was Helen Crockett who had helped me with all her heart without reservation. Helen was working day and night and many times she was facing great difficulties from the social services but she did not give up and all she had in her mind was how she could ever get my children back to me. Now, thanks to God and thanks to Helen that my children and myself are together and I am at peace now.


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